Excerpts from the Visitors' Book

At Vidya Sagar 13.09.09

Vakula Nirmal: Amazing & excellent child. My heartfelt thanks & best wishes to her and her mother esp.

Lydia Rajar: Amazing. ”Jesus never fails”

Dhivya Arun: Superb stuff. Highly talented.

Dahlia: Prodigy!

Shankaran Nair: Amazing! find a way to use this talent more & more!

P.John Rajkumar: Marvelous. Born genius like Ramanujan!

Shyamala Sundar: Great Artist; amazing and unbelievable

Harsha: Quite mesmerising!

K.Vignesh: Very nice to see wonderful creation of Aishy akka. May God bless you Aishy akka.

Prithivi: Its truly amazing how gifted she.

At Vidya Sagar 12.09.09

Uma Krishnan: Absolutely fascinating! Talented Aishy has created some beautiful and stunning puzzles. All the very best to her!

Anuradha Venkatesh: I am stunned!

Tintu Kuruvilla: Fantastic, Superb.

Anjanaaey Anna: Totally blown away by Aishy’s talent. Amazing!!!

Bhavani: Simply great! Amazing.

DLRishivanthi: God is Great Aishu is Great

Chithraleka: B-Hats off to Aishwarya and her parents. You are the role model to the young parents. Why don’t you help usin counselling them.

Anna Dayanandan: Best puzzles I’ve ever seen!

Uma Narayanan: New concept and an excellent idea.

A Ansan Xavier: It shows her concentration power she has been gifted with

Archana & Ramesh: Great work Aishy. Hard work & dedication is the best thing & found in U! U deserve much more credit!

Sangeetha: Awesome work by Aishu.. very inspiring. Hats off to her & her family for their positive spirit.

P.M.Britto: Excellent skill.

At C.P Art Centre 08.04.09

Dr.P.Nagabhooshanam: Gifted child, special child of God and caring parents. I wish her all the best.

Seetharaman, Sudha and Ganesh: "Ais" is a wonder kid. We have no words to admire her concentration and talent. All the very best to her and her parents.

Krishna Vasudevan: Behold! Behold the Infinite! It is with the finite we have to hold the infinite. Don't Rue. The Infinite Holds. Does not Behold. It is poetry and form, charm and God A mix. Enjoy, Enliven, Ever be Bold, Happy  and Proud.

J.Subhashini: Awesome! Brilliant / mind boggling. Aishu is a chosen special child by Gods who will scale still greater heights in her passion. We are privileged to see her creations.

Ranjani Sathyanarayanan: Amazing. You have instilled courage in me. I too can bring up my child with confidence. Kudos to Mr. & Mrs.Sriram. Aishy keep it up.

Kamalesh bharath: Fantastic performance. She is a real gift from God.

Meena Rajiv Nathan: Excellent support may God give more energy to support her and bring out her talents.

G.K.Kannan: Divine child with great intuition power. Parents need to be complimented.

R.Narayanan: To observe Aishy work in her own universe is a moving experience. There is more to it than cerebral activity, there is intuition + creativity & she seems to be finding fine meaning and fulfillment in life thro Puzzles.

P.Jeyachandran, V.Vimala & Kalusha of Vijay Human Services: A proof for an exceptional skill. One day her skill will be utilized by the society. Always our wishes, blessings & prayers for you Aishwarya Admirable perseverance.

Nixon Fernando: Enjoyed every moment here. She makes her parents proud. I guess this is what we call blessing in disguise. She has incredible abilities in dexterity, colours and shapes. I wonder if there are employers who can use these abilities (strengths)

Shoba Natarajan: Dear Aishy, Heartiest congratulations and best wishes for your super human achievements. You are an amazing inspiration for so many families with special needs children. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. God bless you and your most wonderful family. Love, Shoba.

At C.P Art Centre 07.04.09

Usha Ramakrishnan: Aishi unudaiya puzzles parthen Very happy!! Nee mosaic murals panraya? God bless you.

Vani Sukumar, Aparna & Geetha: Excellent! Her capacity is beyond imagination! Please nurture it to make it of financial benefit to her! All the best!

A.K.George: The excellence of the mind is shown through a window.

M.Shyamala: Really it is amazing. No words to say. “God bless you my child”

At Vidya Sagar 16.03.09

M.Buch: Excellent work. We really admire the patience of the artist.

Devi Shah: It is the work of a genius! Left me spell bound.

Mary Vimala: It is so true that if one door is shut God opens other doors. It is just amazing. God is great. I wish Aishy all the best.

Simona Jonathan: Mind boggling... Extraordinary gift.. Really excellent... I have no words to express what I felt really good!!

Geraldin A.M.Danial: Awesome! Amazing!! Truly great!! God's abundant blessings to her!

Shibani Padukone: Brilliant!! Really admirable talent!

Hepzibah Yamini Raj: Work of a genius! I'm completely speechless and in great awe!!

Tariq: It is very nice & amazing. All puzzles are very nice.

At Vidya Sagar 15.03.09

Revathy: Every child amazes me and Aishy has really amazed me the most today.

Ramamani Ravi and Niranjan: Aishy's talent is amazing and has been nurtured very well by her parents. May God be with her always.

Saroja Kumar: Aishy's talent is wonderful and it is only God's gift. Blessing of God be always there for her family

S.Radhika: Really wonderful. Hats off to the effort of her parents.

V.Balaji: Wonderful effort. Hope to see more such craftsmanship

V.Madhusudhan: Fantastic, no words to praise. I wish her well and God bless many more to come!

S.Duraiswamy: A wonderful job done by a special person.

Geetha Jayaraman: Lovely expressions, fantabulous!!

At Vidya Sagar 12.04.08

Nalini Williams: I appreciate the parents! Good work Aishwarya!

G.K.Kannan: Amazing talent. My sincere appreciation to Aishwarya & her parents encouragement.

Fazima Jamal: What can one say! Words remain dormant in my mind. Word stuck!! Wonder struck!! God bless her and her family!!

Rinku: I have no word to express -amazing

Padmini: Excellent work. Genius skill. God's gift.

Srikanth Koundinyan: No words to express.

M.Rathinakumari: unimaginable talent

Kumarji: Touching-each is a power

Madhumathy.R: Really an eye opening experience

Jaishree Chandrasekar: Such a talent in this special person-truly child of God. Aishy is the apple of the eye for our family. I wish her all the best!

N.Ravichandran: Excellent. We normal human beings are puzzled to understand the different world of these gifted persons. Wish her more creativity and results.

Jayanthi Suresh: A great journey, a tremendous task, spectacular achievement, an awe inspiring family support. Wish Aishy all the very best in her future assignments and wish the grand success to achieve greater laurels. Proud to be a relative of Aishy.

S.Ramya: Such an amazing hidden talent. I wish Aishy all the best for the rest of her life and I hope she discovers many more talents and inspires others to discover them.

Jayanthi / Minoti: Excellent! What a talent & wish you a great life.

P.Nixon: Excellent & wonderful presentation. "May God bless her"

Er.Ravi Shankar Nath: Real good work. She can be put to computers & she will come up more successful in web design etc. "God bless her"

R.Ganesh: Entire credit is for Mrs and Mr Sriram since the major part of their life is devoted to the child. A great achievement and involvement at the best part of Aishy's life.

At Vidya Sagar 11.04.08

Girija Ramanujam: Very great collection of work. Really good. Keep it up.

Karthika: Inspiring

Shobha Menon: Proves that there is ability in disability

Kalpana Rao: Amazing work!!

R.Arun kumar & C.K.Ranganathan: Simply excellent! Amazing Aishy. Keep it up.

Mary Thomas: Amazing talent. Admirable perseverance.

Vijayashree Ramesh: Excellent work. Can be transferred to computers!

Dhanalakshmi: Simply superb. May God shower blessings to whole family for supporting Ishu.

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