Aishy's Ventures

Aishy's Ventures: Vidya Sagar projects

Aishwarya's entire range of assembled / laminated / framed puzzles were displayed at VidyaSagar, Ranjit Road, Kotturpuram 11th and 12th April 2008 -11am to 5pm.

First day: We had good response. Visitor's book had interesting entries with many vowing to come back on Saturday- last day for Vidya Sagar projects.

Aishy was given a separate class room which itself is an honour. Butterfly mosaic puzzle is occupying special place in Vidya Sagar chairperson's room and visitors came asking who is Aishy who finished that puzzle single handedly. Visitors said location of aishys puzzles wasn’t a problem-just ask anyone in the campus and you got the direction readily-such was the star attraction.

Second day: We present two sets of photos taken on Project day 2.
i) Sunflowers touched and it seems to be facing Deepti!
ii) Three Giraffes born in captivity at Vidya Sagar!

Our visitors book is evidence of how people reacted to Aishy's talents.

Aishy was in a mood to demonstrate (live) her puzzling skills right from Project day 1 afternoon till evening of Project day 2 to keen onlookers who all clapped when she finished 500 pieces of Giraffes.

Our thanks to all at Vidya Sagar!

Aishy's spatial concepts and made for each other interlocking puzzle bits assembly.

Having got elated due to exposure for Aishy and creating some awareness on talents of an autistic girl thanks to Vidya Sagar, we came across many parents of differently abled children examining Aishys puzzles and watching her live demonstration but couldn't get a clue still on how she accomplishes. Accepted theory is assembling Jigsaw Puzzles is a feature of her multi-faceted intelligence and she has her own processing, storage and retrieval systems.


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